Friday, April 9, 2021

Data Center Standardization Delivers Reliability and Security


Data Center Standardization

When dealing with data storage and distribution, it’s vital to follow standards. In that way, it’s not a matter of solving a riddle after a puzzle with hidden clues to access what you need or to troubleshoot a problem. 

Data center standardization was created and put in place for a reason, and that is to ensure ease of use, maintenance, and security. If your center does something in a standardized way then another user comes along who is totally unfamiliar with the standards, chances are they will struggle with access or performing maintenance. 

One sure way to help everyone in your organization adhere to standards is with data center training. It provides the skills and understanding required to design, implement, test, run, and troubleshoot a system. When everything is done according to industry-driven standards, everyone is operating on the same page, making the entire process run smoothly. 

When your staff and users are fully trained in data center certification standards, you can have confidence that your center is in full compliance with architecture, mechanical, electrical, and telecom requirements. The risks of downtime will be minimized or eliminated entirely. 

If you have more questions about standardization, the team at EPI will be happy to answer them for you.

Using Data Center Infrastructure Services

Data Center Infrastructure Services

A data center combines the roles of heart and brain for many organizations. It’s not a mere collection of hardware and software. It’s a key and a tool that needs to be closely monitored and maintained to ensure functioning. This is where many elements are brought together seamlessly for success. 

When you’re looking for data center infrastructure services, auditing is one you should choose. It can spot weaknesses to shore up and point out areas of continuing strength. EPI specializes in auditing, standards, and training. We’re going to discuss how to put data center assets to use. 

Infrastructure services enable businesses to be confident their computing and storage power is up to the task required of it. They allow users to move from the design process to implementation, testing, operation, and maintenance. Taking the time to ensure each step of the process complements the prior one and builds upon it. This gives you and your clients peace of mind that all data is safe while still being accessible. A data center design course is a valuable tool for a successful launch and operation.

Following industry best practices for a data center design and build process and employing the most current skills leads to a robust and dependable center.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Which COVID-Created Network Trends Will Survive as the New Normal?

Microscopic Image of COVID-19 Virus

The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their network strategies. To adapt to widespread work-from-home scenarios, companies have had to implement many changes to keep their teams connected and secure, and now it seems that some of these recent trends may be here to stay. At EPI-USA, we offer data center operations training courses to keep you apprised of these developments. Our training courses are designed to optimize your team’s responsiveness as demands on data centers continue to evolve.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What is a Hybrid Data Center?

Hybrid Data Center

In recent years, the amount of data in the world has increased rapidly. Todays modern economy requires a dynamic infrastructure with fast access to every service. To better support todays applications, businesses are looking for secure and flexible infrastructure solutions, and a hybrid data center is often the answer.


Be Prepared to Work in an Environment Where Change is Constant

Migrating to The Cloud

There have been so many changes in the Data Center (DC) industry since the 1990s. We’ve witnessed the migration of in-house Data Centers to managed Data Centers run by service providers (MSPs). Data Centers are also migrating to cloud hosting environments where applications live on machines running in the cloud.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Digital Transformation in Companies Due to COVID-19

Digital Transformation
“Necessity is the mother of invention," and as the coronavirus has forced many people around the world to rethink their daily lives, from work to school to entertainment, change has been swift. It has been imperative to digitally transform places of work and education to be able to continue to operate. The organizations that can use technology well and are flexible enough to rethink their business models by fast-tracking digital transformation and investing in data center infrastructure services will be successful. Here are examples of how some organizations and life services have changed drastically:


COVID-19 is Forcing the Upgrading of Broadband Infrastructure

Upgrading of Broadband Infrastructure
As social distancing and teleworking arrangements grow across the country, the coronavirus pandemic is having an increasingly large impact on our online daily life. Everything from work meetings to social hours with friends, to data center training, are increasingly occurring online. All of the extra internet use is putting more pressure on the broadband infrastructure. As data demands rise, the surge is beginning to impact the quality and speed of content downloads. And as shelter-in-place directives increase, the question is whether the broadband infrastructure can support the new normal.